CLS Investments

Firm Overview

CLS Investments, LLC (CLS) is a third party investment manager, ETF strategist, and longtime trusted partner in the financial industry. CLS’s active asset allocation approach, customizable strategy offerings, and risk management expertise has led financial professionals to entrust their clients’ portfolios to CLS since 1989.

Risk Budgeting Methodology

CLS’s Risk Budgeting Methodology pairs a disciplined risk management system with a flexible approach to asset allocation. This methodology is designed to provide investors with stability in their portfolios and peace of mind that their investments are being maintained at the level of risk they are comfortable with, regardless of what’s happening in the market. In addition, by globally diversifying investments among over 100 asset class segments and strategies, CLS seeks to minimize portfolio volatility, while pursuing area of opportunity in the market, all within the constraints of the investor’s Risk Budget.

CLS Offerings on the FTJ FundChoice Platform

CLS  offers a variety of investment options on the FTJ FundChoice platform, including 5 AdvisorOne Funds models, 3 AdvisorOne Protection models, 5 ETF Managed Income models, 6 Core Plus ETF models, 1 Active Alternative model and 5 American Hybrid models.