China Stocks Plunge as State Support Fails to Revive Confidence

Federal Reserve officials in June saw the economy moving toward conditions that would support an interest-rate increase, while also expressing concern about weak consumer spending and risks from China and Greece.

China Stocks Plunge as State Support Fails to Revive Confidence       (source: Bloomberg)

These are the headlines that our clients are absorbing today. After a very nice run the stock market has taken a breather; all signs point towards rising rates and volatility is not taking a summer vacation. So what is our response as we seek to guide advisors and their clients through the current environment? 

Our response is the introduction of Market Movement Strategies (MMS). We believe MMS to be a process that provides confidence during all market cycles. The ability to have a targeted portion of the model built specifically to combat falling and sideways markets may provide an opportunity for durability and consistency not available to clients investing in market beta only portfolios.

Now is the perfect time for your current clients and prospects to be taken through the MMS process. Utilize our new risk return questionnaire that asks the client to think about different market cycles and respond to questions about their wishes for their portfolios as markets rise and fall. Use the new FTJ FundChoice proposal system to prepare a three mandate proposal, allocating to diverse strategies that seek to insulate clients from extended periods of volatility and help them stay confident in your process and access to sophisticated strategies.

Have your clients answer these questions:

  1. Do you agree that global markets, though volatile, have historically been great engines of long-term wealth creation, and a portion of your portfolio should be exposed to the returns and volatility associated with these markets?

  2. Would you expect a portion of your portfolio to be actively managed during periods of market volatility?

  3. Should a portion of your portfolio be excluded from market movement during periods of market declines?

These first three questions on our risk return questionnaire will help clarify for you whether the client’s current investment mix is appropriate for their expectations. If not, the right combination may be available within the Market Movement Strategies platform.



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