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How to Choose the Right TAMP for Your Business

How to Choose the Right TAMP for Your Business

As TAMPS continue to grow in popularity and more offerings are made available, find out how to sort through the noise and be better prepared to evaluate your next TAMP partner.

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The Power of Direct Indexing

Discover how the power of direct indexing can set your services apart for tax-conscious investors.

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Guidebook for any market Scenario

Prepare Clients for Any Market Scenario

Discover how to help clients navigate every market scenario with Market Movement Strategies, a simplified investment approach.

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FTJ Cube

Your Business Simplified.

Supported by an arsenal of experts and versatile resources, FTJ FundChoice allows your company to become instantly scalable. We work to restore your time and improve client satisfaction.

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Portfolio Target

Your Digital Advice Solution

Better connect with clients in search of next-generation investment services with Portfolio Target, a digital advice solution that helps you compete with direct-to-consumer robo-advisors through private-labeled, user-friendly technology.

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Selected Strategists

Use Our Selected Strategists

Investment outsourcing allows you to spend more time building relationships and not reports. Add clarity to client expectations by using our diligent third-party strategists to implement a custom solution.

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Build your own Model Portfolios

Build Your Own Model Portfolios

The flexibility offered by FTJ FundChoice allows you to leverage your own strategy, and manage your own investment portfolios. Our Advisor-Directed program gives you the flexibility to build, maintain, and implement portfolios that best express your own investment philosophy.

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TAMP Talks 2019: Discover what a TAMP should be!
This fall, we’re rolling out new platform improvements, tech tools, and experiences that will help you manage your firm more confidently. The first of our 30+ events kicks off October 15th in Atlanta, Georgia.

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