Product Overview

Our mission is to provide advisors with efficient and scalable back office solutions allowing advisors to focus on raising assets and servicing clients. We strive to accomplish this through innovative offerings, accountability, and respect for advisors and their clients. We are focused on delivering a high touch Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP). Advisors have the ability to efficiently manage their existing investment management process as a standalone through the creation of model portfolios or in conjunction with investment strategists designed and monitored by leading institutional advisory firms.

Investment Options

FTJFC provides access to over 2700 no-load and load-waived mutual funds encompassing in excess of 250 fund families. Investors experience the ease of designing and managing a diversified investment plan while simultaneously taking advantage of some of the leading institutional managers in the country.

Our ETF Strategist Program enables us to provide investors with customized investment portfolio options composed of exchange-traded funds, mutual funds and exchange-traded notes. The Strategists determine which combination of these securities to include in the Model Portfolios and will periodically adjust and rebalance the Model Portfolio investments to remain consistent with their investment strategies.

Institutional Portfolio Strategists

FTJ FundChoice, LLC has developed strategic alliances with a number of institutional consulting firms. These firms will use various analytical scenarios to create model portfolios using a combination of investment strategies and asset class blends to attempt to meet an investor’s desired rate of return while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.

Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Strategist Options 

  • 361 Capital - Diversifier
  • First Affirmative Financial Network - Strategic (Socially Responsible)
  • PGR Solutions* - Strategic
  • Wilshire Funds Management - Strategic
  • Advanced Asset Management Advisors - Tactical
  • CLS Investments - Tactical
  • Frontier Asset Management - Tactical
  • Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management - Tactical
  • Litman Gregory Asset Management - Tactical
  • Meeder Investment Management - Tactical
  • Ocean Park Asset Management - Diversifier
  • Toews Corporation - Tactical
  • Wilshire/Lord Abbett Income Solutions - Tactical 

* PGR Solutions, LLC is only available to advisors who have attended a face to face training session with PGR. For more information on attending a training session please contact FTJ FundChoice at 1-800-379-2513, Option 3 for Advisor Services.

ETF Asset Allocation Strategist Options** 

  • Wilshire & Associates - Strategic
  • Advanced Asset Management Advisors - Tactical
  • Clark Capital Management Group - Tactical
  • CLS Investments - Tactical
  • Efficient Market Advisors - Tactical
  • Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management - Tactical
  • Litman Gregory Asset Management - Tactical
  • Main Management, LLC - Tactical 

** The ETF Model Portfolios are subject to a $50,000 minimum account size per model. ETF holdings may not be held in a Self-Directed or Qualified Account.